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December 16th marks Soul to Call's 9-year anniversary! Holy crap, nearly a decade!
It simultaneously feels like I've been working on the comic for as long as I can remember, and as if it hasn't been that long at all. Even after all this time I see so many returning faces too, be it in the comments or on other social media. I don't often respond to comments but I absolutely read every single one, and appreciate you taking time out of your lives to let me know your thoughts! Nothing makes me more excited to keep working on the comic than to see people theorizing, or analyzing the characters in the comments, so a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to the comment crew! Thanks for sticking with me throughout so many years.
And thank you to people who silently enjoy my work too! Commenting isn't for everyone, but I still appreciate you reading the comic.
And of course a huge shoutout and massive thank you to those who have supported me on Patreon or ko-fi this year. I know it's rough out there these days, so I'm deeply grateful to those of you who are willing to toss a dollar or two my way each month, it makes all the difference and really helps keep the comic going. (It also helps keep my cat fed. so there's that)

Between personal burn out and life stuff, working on the comic has been a challenge for me this year, but despite the odds we kept things rolling! We're getting into the nitty gritty of the lore, met Sia, had James admit to his relationship with the mysterious Johann, and are starting to see Dr. Falk for who he truly is... I'm sure it's all up from here and we're definitely not going anywhere dangerous any time soon.

Thank you once again for nine wild years of following this messy found family through their adventures across a bloody wasteland.

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