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"What if this storm ends and I don't see you
As you are now, ever again?
A perfect halo of gold hair and lightning
Sets you off against the planet's last dance

Just for a minute, the silver forked sky
Lifts you up like a star that I will follow
And now it's found us like I have found you
I don't want to run, just overwhelm me"

— The Lightning Strike - Snow Patrol

Chapter 8 done and dusted! This one was another complex piece to put together with lots of moving parts and tons of drafts. I was pretty much rewriting the ending over and over moments before I had to draw the thing hah. But it's done!
We're heading into Chapter 9 next week and holy moly I can hardly believe we're almost in the double digits with these chapter numbers. As always, thank you so so much for continuing to read and support the comic throughout this wild chapter. So much was revealed this time around, like more of James's motivations, the situation surrounding Johann, what Avril's dad/the Collectors might be up to, and maybe even the secret behind the holes in the sky? Or the abominations? Hard to tell. But that circle was definitely bad news.
Also Eli's going through a pretty harsh time, so let's hope he gets the support he needs...
I really appreciate your patience with the slower updates as well. I've needed it, so thanks for sticking with me. Your continued support in these rough times means the world to me and really does make a difference.

Stay safe and all the best ♥

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