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Soul to Call's 6-Year Anniversary

We made it folks. Six whole years.

Honestly I can barely believe it. It doesn't feel that long, but at the same time, it feels like I've never been without Soul to Call. And I guess that's true, technically the characters have been in my head in some form since high school. Yet, it wasn't until Soul to Call started to release publicly that it really became something that impacted every aspect of my life.
I've made wonderful friends, made some cool merch, attended some conventions, been on a podcast, even used my passion project to pay a few bills (thanks to you all! Seriously I cannot thank my patrons enough for your support)
I've watched people grow to care about my characters. To analyse them, and the plot, and the lore of Soul to Call. I've watched people come up with theories. All this was just a dream to me six years ago.

I knew the odds with webcomics. I knew there was a slim chance I'd get that kind of engagement. But somehow I did. And that's thanks to all of your for being so active and so attentive. Some of you even reread the comic. Pick up on clues, hints, foreshadowing. So many little details I put in for me, but never thought any strangers would start to notice and mention. It's been an absolute dream come true, and it's really thanks to all of you, reading my comic. Be it weekly, or in batches every once and awhile. I don't respond to comments often, but I read every single one. And every single one means a great deal to me. Thank you so much.

2019 wasn't a year where I feel I achieved many huge accomplishments in terms of my comic. It's admittedly been a very difficult year. So in saying that, I am proud that I managed to keep updating every week throughout. The fact that I kept at it even at some very low points is something I'm proud of. I hope the coming year will be kinder.

I also hope in 2020 I can put some more time into a print volume of Soul to Call. I printed an 80 page mini volume for VanCAF last year, but I really want to print a proper volume someday soon. That mini volume made me confident in my ability to put together a gorgeous print comic for you all. But as with many creative endeavors, I didn't do it alone. If you have a copy of the mini volume, physical or digital, know that it wouldn't be nearly as awesome as it is without the help of my unofficial (but lowkey official) editor Mim. If ever you've heard me mention an editor, that'd be her. Her keen eye and unending enthusiasm and passion for my comic has made me and my work better every day. Soul to Call wouldn't be the same without her (and our third pair of eyes Saharali!) Thank you for sticking with me through the ups and downs of creativity Mim. You're an absolute legend. Go give her some love on this special day too!

Anyway, this letter has gone on too long.
Thank you for reading and supporting Soul to Call, whether you've been here for six years, two years, a few months, or whatever. I love and appreciate you.


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