One Year Anniversary

Posted 01:00
Mon 15 December

When I first began Soul to Call, I had low expectations. Webcomics are a dime a dozen these days, and it's difficult to gain attention in the sea. I was prepared for very little to happen over my first year of posting. I knew my passion and my friends would be enough to keep me going. But instead it seems as if EVERYTHING happened. I garnered a lovely audience (who I am learning by name. I see you, friends!), was given some very nice fanart, a TvTropes page (both of which I still ADORE), was accepted into the awesome Spiderforest community, finished my first chapter, made a bunch of new friends... just... wow. I am absolutely blown away.
Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude towards every single one of you for making my first year as a webcomic author absolutely incredible
Soul to Call has been a brainchild since I was eleven. That's nearly a decade of planning, cutting, crushing, building, smashing, dreaming, until I finally got here. It's been a childhood dream for my stories and characters to be read and enjoyed by an audience, and it has come true. It leaves me feeling incredibly lucky. It genuinely means the world to me. Thank you so SO much everyone, from the bottom of my heart. You have all been so lovely and amazing through this first year. I could not have asked for better readers.
All the best to every last one of you.

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