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If you haven't heard by now, here's a quick PSA to check your Patreon subscriptions!

There's been some issues with card declines on Patreon this month due to a change in payment processors, and lots of people lost their subscriptions without warning. If you support Soul to Call or anyone on Patreon, or are a creator yourself, make sure to check your payment settings and refollow your favourite creators.

And in saying that, I just wanted to extend a brief but heartfelt thank you to those of you who were unceremoniously kicked off supporting Soul to Call, but quickly dealt with the nonsense and returned. It made my day to see familiar names reviving their pledges. You help keep the comic going, the website running (so Soul to Call is never encumbered by censorship) and my cat fed! Thank you!

Also hey if Patreon isn't really your thing, reminder that I do also have a Ko-fi tip jar. I'd be happy to start posting early access pages and concept art over there if people were interested.
Either way, as always thank you for reading and supporting the comic in whatever way. Back to our regularly scheduled "Jaaaames, were you doing reckless things in the name of love again?"

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