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image December 16th will be Soul to Call's 7th anniversary! That's pretty incredible, but I'll save the outpouring of love for the day itself. Just know that I appreciate all my readers and everyone who has supported me and helped me get so far with this comic.

To celebrate 7 whole years of monsters, bloodmancy, and found family, I'm holding a Q&A! Got any burning questions about my comic? About my characters? (or questions FOR my characters?) Maybe questions about my creative process, like how I make comics? Feel free to ask them! You can DM me on social media like Twitter or Tumblr

Or enter your question into this handy dandy little form.

I plan to compile all the questions into a video and release it closer to the actual anniversary date, so you have some time to send in a question if you're interested!

Stay safe and all the best!

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