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Happy New Year all!
Despite the rocky last quarter of 2017, I'm heading into 2018 excited for the future of Soul to Call, as well as possible new projects I'll be working on, some related to Soul to Call, some not.

Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout 2017. Who read and enjoyed my work, silently, or loud and proud. Knowing my comic touches and/or entertains others is really one of the best feelings as a creator. All I ever wanted when first starting comics was to create something that could make people feel something, and knowing I've achieved that to some extent is such a cool feeling. Thank you so much. ♥


Kitty update! As of this post, she's still with me. Long story short, she's fighting a steep, uphill battle with cancer. It's still very uncertain how things will go from here, but I'm happy I've gotten to spend so much time with her when I thought I wouldn't have much at all.

Thank you all for being understanding and patient with me. Updates are back to the usual schedule for now, and I'll keep you all posted.

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