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Abomination A general term for the monsters that appeared after the Fall.
Amulet An accessory worn by Inquisitors that protects against supernatural assaults. It comes in a liquid and stone form. Liquid depletes after a time, becoming useless, however it's easier to use. Stone lasts longer and is more reliable, but is harder to use, thus it is only granted to high ranking Inquisitors.
Anathema A term used for humans with red eyes. Believed to be dangerous and blood-thirsty, these people are often feared for their mysterious powers, and demonic eyes.
Aurora Since the Fall, mysterious lights similar in appearance to the aurora borealis have appeared in the sky every night.
Bloodmancy The practice of using blood to achieve various supernatural goals.
The Collectors A mysterious group that has been abducting Anathema. They are sometimes called ghosts due to the white coats they wear, and their ability to "disappear."
District Sometimes called Regulated Zones. A district is a city established, guarded and governed by the Order. They are heretic free zones.
The Fall The day the sky opened, and millions of people dropped dead. The day the fog rolled in, and abominations followed. The day everything changed.
Fog Clouds of strange fog that started to appear after the Fall. Abominations come from within them, and being near one amplifies bloodmancy. People that enter the fog are rarely heard from again.
Heretic By the Order's definition, a heretic is anyone who dabbles in things that didn't exist before the Fall. Examples include Bloodmancy, Abomination worship, consuming Abomination flesh, and being an Anathema.
Light Something only Anathema have the gift to see. A colourful aura that is said to be the life of another living thing. They come in all hues and shapes.
Siphon A device used for bloodmancy. It keeps the victim alive, while providing a steady flow of fresh blood to the bloodmancer.
Inquisitors A special, highly trained division of the Order. They are often assigned missions that take them deep within the no man's land. Additionally, they're free to pursue their own objectives, provided those objectives are within the Order agenda.
No man's land Forlorn land without law. It's infested by abominations, bandits, and cults.

The Order
A quasi-religious military order tasked with investigating, hunting and containing supernatural or occult threats. They turned the tides of the Fall and remain the most adept defense against the abominations. Their overall goal has always been to guard humanity from the new threats of the Fall. They enforce peace within their districts, and believe strongly in cleansing with fire.


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Feral beasts that live to do nothing but tear human meat from bone. They are drawn in by the smell of blood and fresh death, consuming entire corpses, leaving not a single bone to mourn over.
Don't look. Don't look. Don'T look. Don't loOk. DOn'T lOOK. DON'T LOOK. can't look away...
Completely silent and without presence, they move like the fog they create, almost unnoticeable until they're right on top of you. They wander with seemingly little purpose, skewering any and all that have the misfortune of stumbling into their path.
It feeds off painful memories, forcing victims to relive horrid events from their past. It will capture and torture humans for long periods of time in order to produce more trauma to feed on.
It's wrong. It will never live like us. It will never live like them. Flesh intertwined with walls, screaming. Is the pity you feel justified? Or is it a trap?
The puss filling its swollen head leaks from its unblinking eyes like tears. Grotesque weeping over the eternal pain of its ribs breaking in its contorted chest.
Suffocating is all they've ever known, every breath is agony. The lung-like sacks on their back pump a corrosive smog out their eternally agape maws.