Main Characters

18 | 5'5" | Courier
Skills: Parkour + Cartography + Sniping

An athletic girl who arms herself with blunt objects and snark. She's not afraid to use force as a solution to the problems that face her, and boy does she have a lot of problems.
She's looking for her missing father.

17(?) | 5'2" | Anathema
Skills: Bloodmancy + Cooking

A gentle, compassionate kid with the ability to see and manipulate "light." Despite the hardships he's faced, he wants the best for everyone. His poncho is a gift from his mother.

37 | 6'2" | Mercenary
Skills: Sharpshooting + First Aid

A stoic man, and expert gunslinger who plays his cards close to his chest. He was contracted as a guide for the Order.

26 | 5'10" | Inquisitor

A frigid Anathema expert wearing a mask. She's taken a particular interest in Eli.

40 | 6'4" | Inquisitor
Skills: Quick draw

A faithful member of the Order, ready to do what it takes to get the job done. A bit callous with a dark sense of humor. He and James appear to have some history.

27 | 5'7" | Private Investigator

An exceptional investigator, and friend of James. She apparently has a lot of connections and strings to pull where the Order is concerned.

Supporting Characters


A scientist. He allegedly went missing in a cloud of fog. Avril keeps a photograph of him in her backpack.

Minor Characters

LILITH: An old acquaintance of Avril's.
NICOLAS OWEN: A rookie Inquisitor.
A. WILLIAMS: An Order Inquisitor and mechanic.

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