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It's that time again! Time to spend a few awesome weeks welcoming the new awesome batch of Spiderforest comics! Hold onto your hats folks, this week we got some Adventure/Action on the way:

Vanguard: The story of a team of genetically enhanced meta-humans employed by the British government to protect the nation's interests, at home and abroad.

The Tale of Jasper Gold: When settled rancher Jasper Gold's bounty hunting past catches up with him, Jasper must take up his gun once again to track down a gang of criminals as he searches for his lost daughter.

Sons of the Forgotten The story of Erric, who follows in the steps of his grandfather to become the greatest hero ever seen.

Bruno Harm: Bruno Harm is getting old, he's getting fat, but he's still getting the bad guys, and having a laugh in the process!

Uploaded by Rommie at 01:00 on 16 September
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