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New week new comics! This time around we're going to chill from all the swords and sorcery to bring you some fun fantasy.

TITLE UNRELATED - Three adoptive sisters and their best friend befriend a mysterious young man who has no memory of his past. As if that alone wasn't a big enough mystery, when one of the sisters goes missing, the rest of the gang must traverse a parallel world if they ever hope to be reunited with her again.

WITCHES GET STITCHES - A comic full of nightmarish beasts, twisted landscapes, and snarky characters that just don't give a crap about all that. I think if you enjoy Soul to Call you'll get a kick out of this romp through the wacky layers of hell.

BITS FAIR - All his life young Irya has been told he'll grow up to be nothing but a failure, but when he's selected to attend the Autumn Fair, he's more than ready to prove his entire village wrong and show he's got what it takes to be a warrior. A beautifully illustrated fantasy adventure comic with tons of charm and style.


Speaking of Bits Fair, the author of that beautiful comic did some adorable Eli Fanart!
Likewise, artist Spearfrost did this ridiculously handsome fanart of James.
BIG thanks to both of you, I love both these awesome pieces so much! ;o;

Uploaded by Rommie at 01:00 on 21 March
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