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It's that time again! Time to welcome our newest members of Spiderforest. :D For the next few weeks there shall be comic recommendations galore, so please check them out!
This week we have a handful of High Fantasy comics.

TAMURAN - When a young elf's entire clan vanishes without a trace, he is forced to travel far from home in seek of aid. Sinister plots and long forgotten histories abound, and any hope of help seems out of reach, but in the elf's darkest hour he will find allies in unlikely places.

SOUL'S JOURNEY - In search of his runaway brother, a young prince finds himself the unfortunate victim of a strange magic amulet. With missing family and a kingdom on the verge of war, this is a terrible time to wake up in the unfamiliar body of a wolf.

HALFLIGHT - Graduation is a time of a million possibilities, but when three young and hopeful students of the prestigious University begin their quest back home, they find their new paths tainted with tragedy, blood, and war. Lost in a merciless world, their individual journeys will reveal to them their identities, and their destinies.

Uploaded by Rommie at 01:00 on 18 March
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