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Three big updates this week, just in time for Halloween!
+ First of all, you might have noticed the site has been spruced up here and there.

+ Secondly, October 31st marks the three year anniversary of the very first long-form Soul to Call comic I ever created. For new readers, this was a comic I created a year BEFORE I started planning to release the webcomic you're reading today. It's a 77 page standalone comic, filled to the brim with old art, old character designs, and old world building. Nothing you see in it should be considered canon, but I'm still proud of it. It can be viewed on my old DeviantArt, but today I'm making it easy to access and read in PDF form right here on the site. Click the image below to start reading this old tale from 2012.


+ But that's not all the comic goodness I have for you this week. This week also marks the beginning of a new series of vote baits. Unlike Principle Meal, you can consider this comic very canon. Check out the below for more details.


Uploaded by Rommie at 01:00 on 30 October
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