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Even more comics to welcome to SpiderForest this week!

The True Magic comic can be described as simply as ABC: Adventure, Bishounen, Comedy.
There's more to it, of course -- there are some protagonistic peasants, and a plot in which they attempt to prevent the neighboring noblemen from using them as practice dummies for magic and martial arts -- but all you really need to know is that it's meant to be FUN. Maybe not always for the characters, but for you!

Ball and Chain is set in Canada, 25 years after a nuclear disaster. The story follows the adventures of young mutant Sliver (a modern-day gladiator who fights with a ball and chain) and her friend, Dorioth (a scatter-brained pick-pocket who comes across a pair of shape-shifting gloves).

Accursed Dragon is set in a realm engulfed in a century-long war between the Parliament and Seditionists. Far from the main battle, a small town is saved by a hero who is revealed to be a man saying he must perform good deeds to remove a curse that turned him half dragon.

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