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More Spiderforest comics this week!

Magical girl enthusiast Nicole has just moved to the beautiful Bebop Isles with her parents, Nancie and Mai, to start a fresh new life. But there's something amiss about this place, and soon Nicole discovers that there's a chance her truest desires can come true! However, these Isles have a turbulent history and Nicole and her family's arrival guaranteed that the past will be brought forcefully into the present...

-XYLOBONE TOMES- Xylobone Tomes is a long-form fantasy adventure webcomic, heavier on the sorcery than the swords, following undead wizard, Saga, and his cute companion.

-WITCHERY, ETC.- A witch named Hazell is trying to find her way in the world. She meets Jack, a man who has lost his head, and together they have a number of magical adventures while searching for Jack's missing head.

Uploaded by Rommie at 01:00 on 25 September
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