Comic #204

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HEY FOLKS! We got a ton of new faces joining us at Spiderforest this season, and since there are just so many new members we'll be introducing them in batches. Check out the first three!

-HERACLES KNOT- Leland and his best friend Jaida are training to become Wardens. They handle diplomatic disputes between faeries, and hunt down hostile creatures. There's more to being a Warden than grunt work, though, and something dark is brewing on the horizon.

-ENSANGUINE- After it is revealed that his blood acts as a universal antidote, a modest botanist must fight to keep his sanity and freedom from being compromised by a dying tyrant, a corrupt geneticist, and his own family.

-DANIEL- Set in the early 1930's, a story about a timid man named Daniel Groth, who undergoes a disturbing transformation.

Uploaded by Rommie at 01:00 on 18 September
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