Comic #127

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Updates to the Gallery and Characters pages.
THANK YOU to everyone who has given me fanart recently (or ever, to be honest). It's like Christmas! I really appreciate it!!
Vote incentive is a preview from a future page.

This week's Spiderforest comic:
A runaway supersoldier winds up serving as a bodyguard to a bard who loves telling stories but doesn't believe in any of them. Together with a pyromaniac pilot, they go on poorly planned adventures!
Meanwhile, a weirdo who talks to trees is sidetracked from his Mysterious Quest when he meets a kid with strange powers and decides to protect him from the people who want to use him as a living weapon.

A steampunkish adventure comic that's a lot of fun, and has really cool characters. Definitely one I'm looking forward to reading more of!

Uploaded by Rommie at 00:59 on 22 December
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