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Who, who are you really?
And where are you going?
Well I've got nothing left to prove
Cause I've got nothing left to lose

Thus concludes Chapter 1 of Soul to Call! A huge thank you to everyone who has read chapter 1. Whether you followed it from the beginning or just read it in bulk recently, I appreciate every single one of you. The amount of support Soul to Call has received over this first chapter alone is absolutely amazing! But I'll save my long winded gratitude speech for my anniversary next month.
Come back this Friday for Chapter 2's title page, as well as a ton of new website content!

This chapter's ending theme is...
Mikky Ekko - Who Are You, Really?

This week's Spiderforest comic:
When sisters Atrina and Leawyn Vilanar stumble across a mysterious "gate" Atrina's curiosity gets the best of her. She wanders through, leaving Leawyn behind with the dreadful belief that her sister is dead. Even so, Leawyn isn't quite ready to give up on her sister's existance...
This comic has some very cool visuals, and the beautifully drawn environments make every page a treat for the eye.

Uploaded by Rommie at 01:00 on 17 November
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