Comic #112

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This week's Spiderforest comic:
The high seas are always riddled with danger and daring adventure, and it's no different for young captain Jonathan LaSalle and his crew. Yet, even out here in the great blue yonder Jonathan didn't anticipate meeting his bastard brother, Jared. Turns out Jared has some less than heroic tales to tell Jonathan about their father, one of tales involving a pirate turned zombie who is seeking vengeance. And not just any vengeance, vengeance against these brothers. Now it's a race against the clock as Jonathan and Jared search for means to kill what's already dead, before it can kill them.
A charming sea faring adventure with the added bonus of necromancy and a little darling skeleton crew member. If ships and pirates are your thing, check it out!

Uploaded by Rommie at 00:55 on 03 November
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