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This week's Spiderforest comic:
Martial artist Colbey finds herself to be one of the unfortunate individuals to outlast the end of the world, and she's none too thrilled. In her new life as a survivor she hunts many things, but nothing more so than Peter Wolfe. It's been six years since he went missing, but somehow she knows he's out there alive, and she'll be damned if anything this messed up world throws at her will stop her now.
This was not a smart comic to start reading on a week I had to study for a big test, because it was a page turner. I didn't want to stop. It definitely became a new favourite of mine fast. It's smart, it's got wit, and I'm curious to see what Colbey gets herself in and out of next.
Colbey's monologue is funny, but dark. You can really feel her hardened, frustrated attitude, but also see she's battling life with a salting of humour. It feels very realistic for someone in such a situation.
If you like post-apocalypse comics like Soul to Call you'll probably enjoy What It Takes too! I know I did!

Uploaded by Rommie at 01:02 on 27 October
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