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Recommended 16+ for language, violence, blood, and gore. This comic also contains depictions of death, self-harm, and suicide.

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Got a webcomic? Want to join a crew of awesome webcomicers like yourself? Well you're in luck! It's almost application season again in the wonderful world of SpiderForest.
Starting February 1st, the collective will be taking applications. Click here to read the app FAQ.
Hope to see you there!


In other news, back in November, Soul to Call won Excellence in Drama and Excellence in Horror or Mystery in the StArt Faire 2016 Excellence in Webcomics Awards. But today it was announced that StC not only won Excellence in Horror or Mystery, but Best in Horror or Mystery!
You can listen to a podcast that talks about Soul to Call and all the other awesome winners right here!
Special thanks to Donathin Frye and co for setting it all up. Huge congratulations to all the other winners! (seriously, check them all out you're sure to find another webcomic gem.)
And again, thank you to everyone who has supported Soul to Call, and my work! It means more to me than I can express with words. <3

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