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10 years ago, on December 16th, Soul to Call began... I can hardly believe the comic has hit such a monumental milestone! I'm eternally grateful to everyone new and old who has followed Avril and co's journey through so many years and so many pages. No matter if you read weekly, binge the archive, support on Patreon, comment, or lurk, I cannot express how much it means to have people reading my little labor of love 10 years after its launch.

This month I want to really celebrate Soul to Call! So I invite you to keep an eye on each page update throughout December, as they will come with news of something special.

This week I'd like to welcome all of you to join me as I guest on the Twitch channel of variety streamer, horror enthusiast, and Dungeon Master extraordinaire GreyQrowe!


Grey runs the brilliant Puzzle Box actual play D&D series - which you should definitely go watch if you like found family shenanigans and ominous celestial bodies - and is just a super chill super cool dude. He's invited me on to discuss all things Soul to Call, so grab some snacks and come hang with us on his Twitch channel on Dec 9th at 2:30pm PT as we chat about some horror goodness.

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